Studia Politica Slovaca - 1/2009

sps_01_2008.jpg CONTENTS

 3  Veselý, Zdeněk: Slovakia in the Czech Politics in the 20th Century
 23  Lysý, Jozef: The policy between discourse and theory. The shortage of the rationalism?
 32  Šmihula, Daniel: The waves of the technological innovations of the modern age and the present crisis as the end of the wave of the informational technological revolution
 48  Sorby, Karol: The Soviet-American rivalry in the Near East in mid-fifties 20th Century
 62  Kiždejev, Mansour: Principle of national self-determination in Russian policy
 70  Kopecký, Pavel: Culture conflicts, new media and electronic struggle
 77  Petrovičová Eleonóra: Statesman and politician Milan Hodža
 86  Drozdík, Ladislav: Karol R. Sorby: The Near East in the international policy (1918-1945). Bratislava, Publisher of Ekonom 2009, 186 pages, ISBN 978-80-2735-4
 88  Lysý, Jozef: Vladimír Goněc: From the "small Europe" to the "large Europe". The history of widen of the European Community/European Union 1. and 2. vol. Brno 2002. ISBN 80-210-3253-3
 92  Krpala, Karol: Pavol Dinka: The Slovak of media - the methods of manipulation. Department of political science of the Matica slovenská. Bratislava 2008, 293 pages.
 94  Mikheyeva, Iryna: Post-Soviet publicity: Belaru, Ukraine. A collection of scientific papers under the editorship of M. Sokolova, V. Furs. - Vilnius: EHU, 2008. - 224 pp.
 Kme, Norbert: Marx's philosophy of history and question political and another social changes after 1989 - information
 101  Szomolányi, Soňa: Department of political science of the FiF UK