Studia Politica Slovaca - 2/2009

sps_02_2009.jpg CONTENTS

 3  Zajac-Vanka, Peter: Konwledge economy as part of the emerging post-capitalist society
 20  Grešková Lucia: Organisation and extremism or how organisation conditions violence
 29  Sorby, Karol: Soviet-American competition in the Near East in the late 1950s
 42  Gasior, Grzegorz: Cieślar's platform - nationality issue in the Teschen Silesia (Ślask Cieszyński) region in the Stalinist period
 58  Poláčková, Zuzana - Duin, Pieter van: Portugal and Slovakia in European comparison: Some historical, political and multicultural observations
 71  Záhořík, Jan: An outline of American policy in Africa
 81  Pekník, Miroslav: Ferdinand Juriga
 95  Leško, Erik: Dinuš, Peter (ed.): Marx and social changes after 1989. Bratislava: Institute of Political Science SAS, 2009, 144 p.
 97  Timura, Viktor: Koloman Ivanička a kolektív: Creativity, invention, innovation - stimulants to growth, prosperity and permanent sustainability of the Slovak Republic. Ekonóm, Bratislava 2009, 362 p.
 Sokolová, Milena: Institutional aspects of foreign policy - new trends in a comparative perspective. International academic conference
 102  Zálešák, Tomáš - Krištof, Pavol, - Martinkovič, Marcel: Department of Political Science of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Trnavian University