Studia Politica Slovaca - 1/2010

sps_02_2009.jpg CONTENTS

 3  Štefančík, Radoslav: Infusion of the Migration Theme in the Party Politics of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
 23  Blaha, Ľuboš: Quo Vadis, Social Democracy?
 47  O´Mullane, Monica: Institutional Influences on the Use of Evidence in Public Policy: The Case of Policy Formulation in Ireland
 61  Michejeva, Iryna: Neo-Pagan Aspects of the Political and Ideological Project of National Bolshevism
 71  Sorby, Karol, ml.: The Cairo Conference in 1921. Laying the Foundations of British Politics in the Near East After World War I
 87  Pekník, Miroslav: T. G. Masaryk and Slovak Politics before the Establishment of Czecho-Slovakia
 101  Dinuš, Peter: The World of Capitalism and Milan Valach
 Macháček, Ladislav - Štefančík Radoslav - Ružarovský, Jozef - Mihálik, Jaroslav: Department of Political Science of the Faculty of Arts, UCM in Trnava