Studia Politica Slovaca - 2/2010

sps_02_2009.jpg CONTENTS
 3  Pekník, Miroslav et al.: Trends in political system development
 54  Macháček, Ladislav: Results of a survey of the SR population of Hungarian ethnicity
 80  Klátiková, Elena: Cyberphenomenon and the illusions of Matrix
 105  Popély, Árpád: Hungarian minority during the Prague Spring and during the first years of the Normalisation period
 117  Záhořík, Jan: Factors of political instability in the Republic of Congo in a broader perspective
 132  Musil, Miroslav: Milan Rastislav Štefánik. A diplomat and strategist (on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of his birth)
 140  Marušiak, Juraj: Šimečka`s vain struggle with utopia an his journey to an open society
 155  Kmeť, Norbert: Milan Šimečka`s road to dissent
 159  Dinuš, Peter: Inevitability of systems change
 Kucharčík, Rudolf: The Institute of Policical Science at the Massmedia Faculty of the Pan-European College
 172  Petrovičová Eleonóra: Prominent figures in Slovak politics - Ivan Dérer. Report on academic conference held during the Milan Hodža Days