Studia Politica Slovaca - 1/2012


 5  GBÚROVÁ, Marcela: The political realism of Jan Mallý or an attempt at the policy of the "feasible"
 26  ŠVECOVÁ, Natália: Financing and monitoring of political party funding: possibilities and prospects
 39  TAKÁČ, Peter: Žižek`s critique of liberal democracy
 49  MACHÁČEK, Ladislav: The European Union in the attitudes and opinions of young people in Slovakia
 69  POLÁČKOVÁ, Zuzana - DUIN, Pieter van: The bewilderment of a Scottish historian: R. W. Seton-Watson and the Hungarian minority in Slovakia, 1918 - 1923
 81  SORBY, Karol: Syria`s effort to gain the status of a regional pomer in the Middle East
 94  DANIŠ, Vladimír: R. W. Seton-Watson - historian, political sientist, champion of the rights of the Slovaks
 108  BLAHA, Ľuboš: In defence of liberalism or a few notes on the critical theory of recognition by Marek Hrubec
 123  KRNO, Svetozár: Dobiáš, D.: Critical rationalism and K. R. Popper`s idea of an open society
 124  DINUŠOVÁ, Dominika: Polák, M.: Head against the wind
 126  GARBARČÍK, Peter: Hrubec, M.: From disapproval to justice: a critical theory of global society and politics
 128  SLOBODNÍKOVÁ, Marcela: Krno, S.: The Balkans (Historical development, the present and our relatonship with their nations)
 120  ŠTULLER, Martin: Friedman, G.: `The next decade: Where we`ve been ... and where we`re going.`
 133  MONČEKOVÁ, Andrea: Němec, J. et al.: Comparison of political systems. Political systems in Latin America
 DUNAJ, Ľubomír - HOHOŠ, Ladislav: Re-thinking Marx
 146  ONUFRÁK, Alexander - GOJDIČ, Pavol: The first year of the conference of political scientists from Košice
 149  ČÁKY, Milan: The politica significance of Constantine and Methodius` mission in the Slavic territory (Before the year 868)