Studia Politica Slovaca - 2/2012


 5  SLOBODNÍKOVÁ, Marcela: The Problems of analysis of political culture - Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia
 30  ŠTEFANČÍK, Radoslav: An anti-immigrant appeal of the Swiss People`s Party
 44  KRPALA, Karol: Ideology as social mythology (Ideological issues in terms of the category of myth)
 63  KOBUS, Andrzej: 1989 - The turning point of transformation in Poland and Czechoslovakia
 76  KURUCZ, Milan: Dual citizenship in Hungarian political discourse in the years 1998 - 2010
 94  HRUBEC, Marek: Intersubjective conditions of justice
 105  SEKERÁK, Marián: Reflections on the nature and methodology of contemporary political science
 126  ČERNÁ, Karolína: Young, I. M.: Against Oppression and Domination. Transnational Challenges of Political and Feminist Theories
 127  GARBARČÍK, Peter: Dinuš, P. - Hohoš, L. (eds.): The World at the Turning Point. Systemic Alternatives to Capitalism (policies, strategies, utopias)
 129  DUNAJ, Ľubomír: Habermas, J.: About the Constitution of Europe
 131  TAKÁČ, Peter: Dinuš, P. a kol.: Dispute over Marx
 SOKOLOVÁ, Milena: Prospects and challenges of the Visegrad Group - the future of regional cooperation in Central Europe. International Scientific Conferences
 142  PETROVIČOVÁ, Eleonóra: Anton Štefánek at the 8th anniversary of The Milan Hodža Days
 145  PEKNÍK, Miroslav: In memory of Marián Hronský
 147  KMEŤ, Norbert: PhDr. Jozef Jablonický, DrSc.
 149  ČÁKY, Milan: Political significance of the mission activity of Constantine and Methodius in the Slovene territory (868 - 880), Part II