Studia Politica Slovaca - 1/2013


 5  DOBIÁŠ, Daniel - DOBIÁŠOVÁ, Soňa: The idea of the state in the political thought of G. W. F. Hegel
 14  ŠABÍKOVÁ, Kristína: Social justice in an area of globalisation
 24  RUMAN, Ján: "Social capital": a critical perspective and a quest for optimum significance
 41  DINUŠOVÁ, Dominika: International imperialism or global capitalism?
 50  PROFANT, Tomáš: On the role of an intellectual
 60  POLÁČKOVÁ, Zuzana - DUIN, Pieter van: Montenegro Old and New: History, Politics, Culture and the People
 83  LÁNSKÝ, Ondřej: Once again against selfishness and atomism; on Hrubec`s critique of liberalism
 98  SOLÍK, Martin: The problem of recognition and its anchoring in the views of Marek Hrubec
 107  MONČEKOVÁ, Andrea: Krno, S.: Ruská federácia (Od Uralu po Ďaleký východ) [Russian Federation (From the Ural Mountains to the Far East)]
 109  AUGUSTÍN, Michael: Crouch, C.: Post-Democracy
 112  ŠTEFANČÍK, Radoslav: Gizicki, W.: Political Systems of Visegrad Group Countries
 114  DINUŠ, Peter: Pullmann, M.: Konec experimentu. Přestavba a pád komunismu v Československu. [The end of experiment. Perestroika and the collapse of communism in Czechoslovakia]
 DINUŠ, Peter: "Social changes and the transformation of civilisation". Information about a scientific conference
 120  ČÁKY, Milan: Political significance of the mission activity of Constantine and Methodius on the territory of the early Slavs (880 - 885), Part III