Studia Politica Slovaca - 1/2014


 3  PLÁVKOVÁ, Oľga: Democratisation process in Slovakia after 1989 in the expectations of the general public
 21  POLÁČKOVÁ, Zuzana - DUIN, Pieter van: Montenegro`s Gulf of Kotor as a historical border region: Political rivalry, cultural competition, and local co-existence in a long-term perspective
 43  DANIŠ, Vladimír: Robert Wiliam Seton-Watson and the beginnings of the New Europe project
 66  VRÁBEL, Ferdinand: War and politics. A case study using the example of Czechoslovak Legionnaires in Russia (New Russian views and evaluations)
 DROZDÍK, Ladislav: Sorby, K. R.: The Arab East (1918 - 1945)
 79  KOSSUTHOVÁ, Veronika: Krejčí, O.: Human rights
 83  PROFANT, Tomáš: Laclau, E.: Emancipation and radical democracy
 87  ŠVECOVÁ, Natália: Krno, S.: Political parties in the countries of central Europe
 91  FRIČ, Michal: Conference on theoretical and practical questions of overcoming capitalism
 95  SOKOLOVÁ, Milena: Samuel Zoch in the public, political and Church life of Slovakia. Scientific conference