Studia Politica Slovaca - 2/2014


 5  SORBY, Karol: Step-by-step diplomacy: Egyptian-Israeli agreements on disengagement of forces
 20  KRPALA, Karol: Official interpretation of the era of socialism in Slovakia. Is there a codified ideological doctrine?
 35  SIVČEKOVÁ, Jana: The early period of the political thought of Andrej Sirácky - introduction to the subject
 51  DANIŠ, Vladimír - JEŽÍK, Ján: Political transfers between Great Britain and Austria-Hungary before the First World War and national question - draft
 62  HRUBEC, Marek: On the critical theory of global interactions: disregard of needs
 77  SOLÍK, Martin: A critical theory of society and the problem of global recognition
 SŤAHEL, Richard: Finley, M. I.: Democracy Ancient and Modern
 88  TIMURA, Viktor: Ivanička, K. a kol.: Long-term sustainability of innovations in the development of Slovakia
 92  AUGUSTÍN, Michael: Drulák, P.: The policy of non-interest: The Czech Republic and the West in crisis
 94  VOPAT, Zdeněk: Havránek, V. - Lánský, O. (eds.): Post-colonial thought IV.
 96  MIŠÍK, Matúš: Smolík, J.: Introduction to the study of international relations
 98  ŠTULLER, Martin: Krno, S.: The Russian Federation (From the Urals to the Far East)
 101  FRIČ, Michal: Two faces of progress. Relocation or reduction of workplaces
 107  DRÄFFINGEROVÁ, Mária: Europen youth policy - results of scientific research in the year of the 10th anniversary of Slovakia`s accesion to the EU
 109  KRNO, Svetozár: Docent Ivan Dubnička has passed away
 113  TIMURA, Viktor: In memmory of Koloman Ivanička
 115  JABLONICKÝ, Tomáš: Completion of reflections on the life and work of Dr. Jozef Jablonický