Studia Politica Slovaca - 1/2016


 5  NECHAYEVA, Elena - TOKAR, Petro - ONUCHKO, Marina - RUBAN, Svyatislav: Ukrainian diaspora in Kazakhstan
 16  MEZEIOVÁ, Gabriela - MALDINI, Pero: Evolution of participatory democracy: Organisation of communities in the post-communist context
 31  POLÁČKOVÁ, Zuzana - DUIN, Pieter van: The dwarf and the giant: Montenegrin-Russian relations and Montenegro`s 'cult of Russia', c. 1700 - 2015
 56  DINUŠOVÁ, Dominika: Héctor Pablo Agosti
 VOPAT, Zdeněk: Evolution of human rights and their inclusiveness between the 18th century and the present day
 89  DINUŠ, Peter: Kováč, D. a kol.: The history of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
 97  VALKOVIČOVÁ, Veronika: Dufek, P. - Smekal, H. et. al.: Human rights in international politics
 100  HOHOŠ, Ladislav: Morris, I.: Why the West Rules - For Now. The patterns of history and what they reveal about the future
 102  TAKÁČ, Peter: Kužel, P.: The philosophy of Louis Althusser. A philosophy that hoped to change the world
 107  ČEMEZ, Alexander: Vencálek, J.: The theory of fractal democracy
 110  BZDILOVÁ, Renáta - BARDOVIČ, Jakub: Quo vadis democracy. The fifth year of scientific conference with international pariticipation held on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Ľudovít Štúr on 26. - 27. 11. 2015
 113  KRNO, Svetozár: East and West