Studia Politica Slovaca - 2/2018

 5  KMEŤ, Norbert: Attempts at the humanisation of man and citizen
 20  BÁTORA, Jozef: Critical Institutionalism of Miroslav Kusý and the origins of Slovak political science
 32  DALBERG, Dirk Mathias: Materialism a Machiavellism. Miroslav Kusý’s view on Czechoslovak society in the Normalisation period
 50  MALOVÁ, Darina - MIHÁLIKOVÁ, Silvia: The origins and development of political science in Slovakia of the 1990s in the context of Miroslav Kusý’s work
 69  VESELÝ, Zdeněk: Foreign policy of post-November Czechoslovakia as part of dealing with the past
 PROFANT, Tomáš: Anievas, A. – Nisancioglu, K.: How the West came to rule. The geopolitical origins of capitalism
 99  SIVIČEKOVÁ, Jana: Kerecman, P.: Vladimír Clementis, Ján Poničan, Daniel Okáli – DAVists and advocates
 103  SIVIČEKOVÁ, Jana: Scientific conference on the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Slovak Republic: Slovakia’s road to the creation of an independent state in 1993
 105  SZURI, Mátyás: Scientific conference on China’s Belt and Road initiative: Market, state and global challenges

Studia Politica Slovaca Volume 11, 2018, No. 2