Studia Politica Slovaca - 2/2019

 5  VESELÝ, Zdeněk: The German question and Czechoslovakia after World War II
 22  MÉSZÁROSOVÁ-LAMPL, Zuzana: Trends in voter behaviour of members of Hungarian minority in Slovakia
 39  HRUBEC, Marek: Limited nuclear warfare and its destructiveness
 57  DUIN, Pieter C. van - POLÁČKOVÁ, Zuzana: The big bang of communism: The Bolsheviks` destruction of the Russinan Constituent Assembly and the making of the first communist dictatorship (November 1917 - January 1918)
 DINUŠOVÁ, Dominika: Rosa Luxemburg - a critique of revisionism, imperialism and militarism
 122  MARUŠIAK, Juraj: Radosław Zenderowski et al. We had our home where we were happy... Ethnic conflicts in the territory of the former Yugoslavia in the narratives of migrants from the post-Yugoslavian countries living in Austria
 126  HRONEC, Ondrej: Levitsky, S. - Ziblatt, D.: How Democracies Die
 130  BARAN, Michal: Snyder, T.: The Road to Unfreedom. Russia, Europe, America
 134  VOPAT, Zdeněk: Krejčí, O.: The Geopolitics of Russia
 138  KUNOVSKÁ, Ingrid: Štefančík, R.: Christian democratic parties in Slovakia. A new perspective.
 141  SIVIČEKOVÁ, Jana: Challenges and trends in current social science research. Scientific conference for PhD students.
 143  DINUŠOVÁ, Dominika: November 1989 - politics, law, police and security. Scientific conference.

Studia Politica Slovaca Volume 12, 2019, No. 2